IRS Contact Representative JSAP/REPeValuator Technical Support

Welcome to the IRS Contact Representative online job simulation help page. If you are having a technical problem, please look through this page to find some suggestions for resolutions. If you continue to have a technical problem, or if your issue is not listed here, please contact the Aon Help Desk. Aon's contact info is at the bottom of this page.

When contacting Aon's Help Desk, please include all of the information requested at the bottom of this page.

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Configuration Requirements

General Test-taking instructions

Running the JSAP

Running REPeValuator

Completing the test


Configuration Requirements

What are the minimum requirements for running REPeValuator?

  • Windows 2000, XP or Vista
  • Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher, or Firefox
  • Screen resolution set to 1024x768 or higher
  • Flash Player version 7 or higher
  • Pop-up blockers disabled
  • Javascript and cookies enabled in your web browser
  • Speakers or headphones, along with a sound card or integrated sound for audio
  • Internet Access - broadband is preferable, but dial-up will work (dial-up will be slow to start the REPeValuator)
  • Turn off all other applications before starting the online testing process

What if I'm using a Mac?

The online assessment is not Macintosh compatible at this time. Look here for suggestions on locating a compatible computer.

What if I'm using Windows '98 or Windows ME?

Windows '98 and ME are not supported for this testing process. Please find a computer with Windows 2000 or higher installed.

What if I don't have Flash Player installed?

When you first start the program, Flash Player is detected and if not installed, you'll be prompted to install it (it's a free and quick installation). If you're unable to install it, depending on the computer and network configuration, you may need to obtain assistance from local IT support or your computer's administrator.

I'm using a computer within the IRS network, will I have any problems?

The common operating environment on IRS network computers may not be configured to use this application, so you are encouraged to use a computer outside of the IRS network.

What if I don't have access to a computer?

If you do not have access to a computer with the required capability at your home or work site, you should try to locate a computer elsewhere. Below are several suggestions:

Ask a friend, family member, or neighbor if you can use his/her computer to complete the assessment.

Check your local Public Library. Most public library systems are now wired for the Internet and have terminals available for public access.

Connectivity in Public Schools is also on the rise. As part of their community access programs, schools may have hours where parents or community members can access computers and the Internet. Check your local schools to see if they have computer labs with hours of public access.

Check with community organizations, local college campuses, or local employment offices. They may also offer public access.

Some public computers have session time limits. Please make yourself aware of any such restrictions and plan accordingly.

If you absolutely can not find a computer, contact the Aon Help Desk (contact info at the bottom of this page). Please remember that this assessment is automated and no paper versions will be made available.

What if I need to use a computer in a library or other public location?

When using a computer in a public location, you will need to ensure that the computer you are using meets the minimum requirements for REPeValuator. Please note that you DO need to use the sound for this assessment, so ensure that you are able to do so prior to beginning the assessment bringing earphones if necessary. Because this is an assessment, try to locate a computer with as few distractions as possible. As stated above, take note of any time limits imposed by the public facility and plan accordingly. If you know that you will not be able to complete the assessment in one sitting, it would be best to stop at the end of the first call and complete the second call in a second sitting rather than work only part of the way through the second call. See the instructions below regarding "What if I must stop the test before it's complete?"

What if I need to use screen-reader software, such as JAWS, or require some other accommodation?

Contact the Aon Help Desk (contact info at the bottom of this page) for an alternate login process.

How do I do some of the system clean-up tasks that might be required of me?

Clear temp files

Internet Explorer 6.0: Click Tools -> Internet Options -> "Delete Files" button -> check "Delete all offline content" box and then click "OK"

Internet Explorer 7.0: Click Tools -> Internet Options -> "Delete" button -> "Delete Files..." button -> "Yes" button

Firefox and 3.0.1: Click Tools -> Options -> Advanced Tab -> Network Tab -> "Clear Now" Button under the Cache heading

Disable pop-up blockers

There are many kinds of pop-up blockers, including but not limited to Google Toolbar's pop-up blocker and the pop-up blocker built in to Internet Explorer 7. It's possible to have multiple programs/plugins blocking pop-ups. Generally they will alert you if and when a pop-up is blocked and allow you to permit pop-ups from the current site. This is usually the best method for allowing pop-ups from the REPeValuator site.

Enable Javascript

Internet Explorer 6.0: Click Tools -> Internet Options..." -> Security -> Select Custom and click on the Settings... button -> Check the "Enable" option under "Scripting / Active scripting" -> OK

Internet Explorer 7.0: Click Tools -> Internet Options..." -> Security -> "Custom Level" button -> scroll down and find then click "enable" under "scripting" - OK

Firefox and 3.0.1: Click Tools -> Options -> Content Tab -> Enable Javascript

Enable Cookies
(only do this if you get an error message about cookies)

Internet Explorer 6.0: Click Tools -> Internet Options..." -> Privacy Tab -> "Advanced" button -> From the Advanced Privacy Settings dialog box, click to select Override automatic cookie handling.-> Under First-party Cookies and Third-party Cookies, click to select Accept. -> Click to select Always allow session cookies. -> click OK until you are back to the browser window

Internet Explorer 7.0: Click Tools -> Internet Options -> Privacy tab ->click "Advanced" button. ->Check the "Override automatic cookie handling" box under the Cookies section in the Advanced Privacy Settings window. -> Under First-party and Third-party Cookies, select Accept. -> Check the box Always allow session cookies. -> OK

Firefox and 3.0.1: Click Tools -> Privacy Tab -> Click the checkbox under the Cookies heading

Changing screen resolution

Windows XP: Click Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Display -> Settings -> adjust the resolution to 1024x768 -> click OK

Uninstall and re-install Flash Player

  1. Download Adobe's Flash Player Uninstaller
  2. Run the Uninstaller
  3. Visit Adobe's Flash Player Install page and re-install Flash Player

General Test-taking instructions

When should I take the test?

Give yourself some time to complete the test in one session, in a quiet area free from distractions.

How long will the test take?

Check your initial message from the IRS to get the estimate for the amount of time you'll need to take the test.

What if I must stop the test before it's complete?

It's preferable that you complete the test in one session. If you must stop, you may close your browser and resume at a later time, but if you stop and resume too many times, you may be blocked from completing the test.

Running the JSAP

What login information do I need to enter the JSAP?

The subject line of the invitation email you received from the IRS has two numbers in brackets. Use only the first number, without the brackets, as both your UserID and your PIN.

The website stopped responding, what should I do?

Close your web browser and try to log in again. If you were in the test, you should be prompted to return where you left off. If you continue to have the problem in the same place, try clearing out your temp files (see instructions above, in Configuration Requirements). If after that, the problem persists, contact the Aon Help Desk (contact info at the bottom of this page).

Running REPeValuator

Note: not all testing events include the REPeValuator test, which is a job-simulation test. Candidates who are required to take the REPeValuator will be automatically linked to the assessment. If you are not required to take the REPeValuator at this time, you may disregard the instructions in this section.

The audio is not working correctly in REPeValuator - what should I do?

If the audio stops working, or is not working well, stop the program (exit your web browser) and re-enter the program. If this does not correct the problem, clear temp files (refer to instructions in the System Configuration section, above) and try again. If this still does not correct the problem, contact the Aon Help Desk (contact info at the bottom of this page).

The program stops responding ("freezes").

If the REPeValuator application stops responding to your mouse clicks, but your computer still responds to you (mouse can move around), close out the web browser and clear your temp files (see instructions above). Then log back into REPeValuator and try again. If you continue to have this problem, contact the Aon Help Desk (contact info at the bottom of this page).

If the REPeValuator application freezes and your computer also is not responding to you (mouse pointer does not move around when you move the mouse), reboot your computer completely and try REPeValuator again without running any other applications. If you still have this problem inside of REPeValuator, try uninstalling and reinstalling Flash (instructions above) and also clearing out temp files (instructions above). Then try REPeValuator one more time. If after that, you still have the problem, contact the Aon Help Desk (contact info at the bottom of this page) .

Part of the screen is cut off.

If you cannot see part of the REPeValuator screen, exit the web browser and try to log in again, this time making sure that you do not directly click on the web link in the IRS e-mail but rather that you copy and paste the web link from the e-mail into an already open instance of your web browser. If this still does not work, please contact the Aon Help Desk (contact info at the bottom of this page). When contacting the Aon Help Desk, also please include the current resolution of your screen (you can find this by clicking START - SETTINGS - CONTROL PANEL - DISPLAY, then clicking the "Settings" tab at the top of the Display Properties dialog window.

I've restarted the test, but I was put back at the beginning of the instructions rather than where I left off.

If you do not complete the first call simulation in REPeValuator, you cannot stop and resume where you left off, you'll be put back in the test at the very beginning of the instructions. Please go through the instructions again, then complete the test. If you must stop the test, try to stop after the completion of the first call simulation so that you may resume at the beginning of the call where you left.

Completing the test

How will I know when the test is complete?

At the end of the test, you will see a screen indicating that your participation in the test is complete. You may expect results to be communicated to you by the IRS within 30-45 days.

What information would the Aon Help Desk need if I contact them about a problem?

When dealing with a problem, please first try to resolve it using the information provided in this document. If you are unsuccessful, please contact the Aon Help Desk (contact info at the bottom of this page) and have the following information ready:

  • Your First Name
  • AIDX Number
  • Type of computer you are using (make, model and operating system - for example, Dell Inspiron 1405 with Windows Vista)
  • Web browser type and version number (for example, Internet Explorer 6.0)
  • Description of the problem, including any error messages and the steps leading up to the problem
  • Describe how far into the test you have gotten when the problem happened
  • Description of any steps you have already taken to try to resolve the problem

For further assistance, contact:

Aon Help Desk

Phone Contact: 800-359-0842
E-mail for hearing impaired applicants only:

updated 9/09/08